Wider catalogue: food & drinks available!

Burnonville, the specialist in non-food products, introduces two new ranges: food and drinks. Thanks to many collaborations with food giants, many popular brands such as Stimorol, Côte d'Or, Lays, Mars ... are added in the product catalogue. The drinks' offer includes all the brands of Coca-Cola. Also beers like Jupiler or Leffe and the main references in water, tea and healthy drinks are available. Burnonville now offers a wider choice of basic food products to its retail customers. Take advantage of the best conditions on these new ranges: delivery in 24 hours, small quantities, regular promotional actions ... Go to distriweb.be and order now.

About Burnonville

Specialist in “convenience” products, Burnonville offers a wide range of non-food items. From smoking accessories to cuddly toys, we supply a basic range as well as high profit margin products designed for impulse buys. With only one goal: simplify your daily life with a responsive, tailor-made service!




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