Multimedia, an asset for impulse sales

For most of your customers, mobile phones now serve for everything ... except calling. In 2016, it has been estimated that a quarter of mobile phone holders never use it to call. This trend is accentuated among the youngest and up to 39 years old. To communicate, they use mobile data.

Multimedia could also become strategic for you. Smartphones have become a need in the daily life of your customers. Impossible to be unconnected for a few hours. It is used for online payments, listen to music, read the news, send messages, follow the traffic jam, etc. It requires a lot of accessories to use it correctly and, especially, to avoid empty batteries. Earphones, headsets, charge cables, USB adapters or car plugs, powerbanks, car holders ... All these items have become a must in terms of impulse purchasing for your customers in need.

Test our new complete collection of multimedia products. A range that will delight all customers who have forgotten their headphones at home or have 5% battery left at noon. Discover all products in our online catalog.

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Specialist in “convenience” products, Burnonville offers a wide range of non-food items. From smoking accessories to cuddly toys, we supply a basic range as well as high profit margin products designed for impulse buys. With only one goal: simplify your daily life with a responsive, tailor-made service!




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