Did you know that?

More than 65% of our sales in "hygiene" are made by glasses: reading glasses and sunglasses. We sell nearly 40,000 pairs each year to our clients.

Sunglasses represent 45% of our volume in glasses while sales are concentrated between the months of March and September. We offer more than thirty different models for men, women and kids. There are two formats of displays: a floorstand and a counterdisplay. With the current summer heat and brightness, sunglasses are the top 1 accessories. Everybody can forget his sunglasses or be tempted by a "stylish and cheap" version. With a comfortable margin and attractive selling prices, this range is a must.

Regarding the reading glasses, our sales increased by almost 40% in 2016. Available all year long, they can be ordered by display with an assortment of mixed diopters ranging from +1.5 to +3.5. We also launched a new concept last spring: a floorstand filled with 240 reading glasses that gives the possibility to manage your replenishments by diopter. If you do not have place for a floorstand, order the glasses separately and present them in their original boxes, designed to be used as a display.

Don’t wait to check out our online catalog or contact one of our sales representatives for more information.

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