About Burnonville

For more than 20 years, Burnonville has been specialising in the distribution of non-food products in Belgium and Luxembourg. With a turnover of more than 3 million euros (2017), the company offers its clients a large selection of convenience and impulse buy products. These low cost items with wide profit margins allow clients to diversify and increase profitability quickly without impacting on traditional sales. Smoking accessories, toys, hygiene products, multimedia, souvenirs, sunglasses, candy toys, gift items… With more than 3,000 references in stock, you are sure to find what your customers are looking for!

The Sales Team

Meet our sales team! Alain, Silvia, Silvio, Francis are always available to listen to their clients and satisfy their needs. From simply advising to taking orders, your sales rep will assist you in choosing the service that suits you and defining together the right selection of products for your point of sale. 

The Marketing & Finance Team

Our marketing team closely monitors market trends in order to select, at the right moment, the product that will create a stir in your point of sale, while the finance department looks after client billing.

They trust us

Burnonville, present in Belgium for over 20 years and in Luxembourg for 10 years, already delivers to more than 1,500 points of sale in these 2 countries. Whether with structured clients such as Relay, Press Shop, Q8, Total, Valora… or to independent clients, Burnonville is constantly innovating, when it comes to both products and services, to continue to satisfy their many clients.

About Burnonville

Specialist in “convenience” products, Burnonville offers a wide range of non-food items. From smoking accessories to cuddly toys, we supply a basic range as well as high profit margin products designed for impulse buys. With only one goal: simplify your daily life with a responsive, tailor-made service!




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